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Utopianism and Idealism in Boy Meets Boy Assignment

Utopianism and Idealism in Boy Meets Boy - Assignment Example Does this utopian secondary school give false want to LGBTQ youthful mature people that there could one day be a world like this where everybody is so tolerating? I might contend that as opposed to imparting a false trust in junior book fans that Levithan give adolescent bookworms the reasonable depictions of what their lives could be similar to and characters that book lovers could join with instead of overstated spoofs like Infinite Darlene. The issues in the story is that social order has desires for its part and unfortunately being hetero is simply a normal standard and to go against that standard is not taken compassionate. The world is not how it is depicted in Boy Mets Boy the "perfect world" is not this present reality that Lucy exists in. Social order, and Lucy, anticipated that her will like and need young men on the grounds that that is the reason social order has let her know to do. It is terrifying to go against the standards, to go against your folks desires and the desires you had for yourself to acknowledge your emotions as typical. This accentuation on practical issues and circumstances that

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The history of alphabet in Israel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The history of alphabet in Israel - Essay Example A limestone boulder was found in Jerusalem, some letters written in Hebrew were found on it, the same led to more research in the same and produced results. "Archaeologists digging in July at the site, Tel Zayit, found the inscribed stone in the wall of an ancient building. After an analysis of the layers of ruins, the discoverers concluded that this was the earliest known specimen of the Hebrew alphabet and an important benchmark in the history of writing, they said this week." (A is for Ancient, 23 September 2008). The results produced in this research has been supported by many a scholar, they believe that the stones found hold the most oldest and at the same time reliable data written in Hebrew language. It was also found that when the research was made, the Hebrew letters were still in transition from its roots. The stone was discovered by American Researchers and it is believed that the stone is 3000 years old. The stone is supposed to have the oldest form of Hebrew written on it. The weight of the stone is 38 pounds and the alphabets found on it were in proper order, if the scholars are t be believed. "The stone was discovered July 15 in an excavation at TelZayit, Israel, about 35 miles southwest of Jerusalem on the outskirtsof ancient Judah, by a team led by archeologist Ron E. Tappy ofthe Pittsburgh TheologicalSeminary." (Team Digs, 23 September 2008). The whole research by archeologists is regarded as a very big very big breakthrough, scholars highly value the stone found by the archeologists. It is also believed that Tel Zayit is quite close to another city by the name Timnah, the biblical strong man Samson married a woman who was philistine by origin. Scholars suggest that the stone found would have been used to train scribes but there is no concrete proof to support this statement. "The Israelites adopted a variation of the Canaanite alphabet and began writing down their historical myths. By around 700 BC, innovative priests had collected the best of these myths and woven them together to form a detailed history of the nation of Israel, intended to convince the Israelites that they were God's chosen people. (The history of ancient Israel, 23 September 2008). The myths which they came up with were followed by the people and they firmly believed in the myths. Earlier in Israel each word or phrase was very beautifully projected as pictures. This also created a problem because the expressions were many and the pictures were less, so people had to come up with new pictures day and day out in order to meet the requirement of the expressions. Around 3000 BC, a group of people by the name of Phoenicians came up, these people did a lot of work in the development of Israel even at that time when there were very less resources known to man. They were highly skilled people and knew works like construction of boats, building of ports along the coasts etc. These people gradually had inherited writing from the Sumerians and all this was around 1200 BC. They brought in tremendous changes for better by decreasing the number of symbols in the language, the reduced number was 30 of many symbols. Each symbol carries a meaning and represented a different sound. They believed that putting the symbols into sound conveyed their message better. "The invention o f the Phoenician alphabet allowed written words to better

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Effects of Video Games on Children Essay Example for Free

Effects of Video Games on Children Essay Although video games can increase aggressive behavior, they can improve memory and logistical thinking, as well as teach perseverance. Over the course of the last few decades video games have been integrated into the lives of our children. Video games are very appealing to children of all ages, and even to some adults. There is a variety of video games out there, and they range from educational to very violent. Because of this diverse selection of video games, there is a wide range of positive and negative side effects that these games can have on children. Because a large percentage of our children’s time is spent playing video games, there has been a lot of research in recent years on the positive and negative effects these games have on them. â€Å"Among elementary and middle-school populations, girls play for an average of about 5. 5 hours/week and boys average 13 hours/week,† (Gentile, D. A. 2004). Teenagers also spend a time playing video games. According to Media Analysis Laboratory (1998),†Eighty percent of teens said they played at least occasionally and the average amount of time spent gaming for the sample was 5 hours per week† (para. 19). Video game play has become not only a leisurely pastime for children, but for families also. When parents are not involved in some of their game play the outcome can become a little scary. Children who play video games with their families have a more pro-social attitude compared to their counterparts who play alone. Children who are less social or somewhat anti-social tend to develop aggressive tendancies when spending long hours gaming alone especially when violent video games are involved. Video games have been shown to increase aggressive behavior in some children. Neubert, S. P. (2004) said, â€Å"Individuals high in hostility are more likely to become aggressive when exposed to violent video games. † â€Å"Games in which the only positive outcome is the violent demise of enemies reinforces anti-social behavior. Violent video games desensitize people to aggression,† (Neubert, S. P. , 2004). According to a study done by Douglas A. Gentile. References Media Analysis Laboratory (1998). Video game culture: Leisure and play preferences of B. C. teens. Retrieved from http://www. media-awareness. ca In-Text Citation 1. [Insert the paraphrased material] (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby B. C. , 1998). 2. The Media Analysis Laboratory (1998) website [Insert the paraphrased material]. 3. , [Insert the quotation]† (para. 19).

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Capital Punishment Essay - It’s Time to Put Murderers in Their Graves :: Argumentative Persuasive Essays

Death Penalty Essays – It’s Time to Put Murderers in Their Graves      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   You are running down the street with your best friend not too far behind.   You manage to round the corner, but you hear your friend trip. Suddenly a shot rings out.   Your friend screams. You continue to run, but look back and see the man who was following you pull out a large knife. Shocked in terror you can only blankly stare as the man proceed to cut your friend to pieces.   The blade falls once.   There is an explosion of red. The blade falls twice. Entrails spill onto the floor.   The blade falls three times, four times, five, six.   He then reaches down and dips is hand into the blaring pool of crimson that soaks the ground.   Lifting his hand he begins to write on the wall in front of him with the freshly spilled blood of your now dead friend.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Would a situation like this horrify you? Well you should know that seven murders just like this occurred in two nights.   The man responsible is Charles Manson.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Manson is the leader of a large cult following, and even after being arrested for his truly horrific deeds still influences the cult today.   In 1975 one of Manson's followers, Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, made an assassination attempt on then president Gerald Ford, in Manson's name. Even now if you go to New York City you can find shirts with his picture on them, glorifying him.   Songs have been written praising him.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   But together these have not yet touched the scariest thing about Charles Manson.   The thing that you should be most frightened of is that Charles Manson, and many like him are alive, with chance of parole.   Yes this murderous madman could yet again run rampant in the world. It is for this reason that the death penalty is necessary.      Ã‚     Ã‚  Capital punishment is the system by which the people who have committed the most heinous crimes are executed either by electric chair, gas chamber, or lethal injection.      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Despite the evil and malice presented by such people there are some who would deem this practice inhumane.   It seems strange to me that the welfare of the community should not come before that of a convicted murderer.   If there is any chance that this person could possibly commit this crime again it should be impossible to come to a decision ,such as putting them in jail with chance of parole, that could conceivable place the lives of law abiding citizens in danger.   Furthermore do they truly expect us to believe that placing them in cells like caged animals is truly

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Theory Matrix

Many of his 14 points are process-driven, such as breaking down barriers between departments will lead to a reduction of waste, errors, and delay. His idea on constantly improving the system of production and service is customer-driven because it focuses on providing the best possible products to customers. Toyota Curran Focuses on parts of the organization, not whole. He also defined quality as â€Å"fitness for use†, and developed concept of cost of quality.Three basic steps to progress Ten steps to quality improvement The Curran Trilogy Saran's Praetor Principle Curran was an engineer and he firmly believed that quality does not happen accidentally, therefore all of his theories are process driven – organizations deed to determine who its customers are and plan for quality through every step of the process. Quality planning is the first stage of his trilogy and is basically aligning an organization's products and processes with customers' needs.Bausch & Lomb Chickasa ws He focused on user friendly quality control and emphasized the internal customer. Cause and effect diagram (fishbone diagram) Quality circles He emphasized on the internal customer, meaning that during each step in the creation of a product or service, the department will need to treat the ext department as a â€Å"customer†, so that quality is controlled at every step. This is how Jigsaw's method is process-driven because every process is tightly connected to the next.His quality requirement is customer-driven because he pushed for the concept of company wide quality control that called for continued customer service. He believe that management should not merely focus on improving a product's quality, and insisted that quality improvement can always go one step further. Nippon Telephone & Telegraph used quality circles. Crosby He coined the phrase â€Å"quality is free† and introduced the concept of zero defects. He also believed in team building approach that is o rganization wide.Four absolutes of quality management Idea of zero defects He believes in the process of educating the entire workforce about quality principles, so when each failure is well-documented, management can institute formal programs to redesign faulty production processes. His view of how quality is not some vague concept of â€Å"goodness†; you can't have quality that is good enough, he wants zero defect and it's customer driven because e said specifications must be set according to customer needs and wants. Glenn L. Martin Company (1912-1961) Figment He introduced the concept of total quality control, which has 40 steps.He promoted the idea of a work environment in which both management and employees have a total commitment to improve quality, and people learn from each others successes. Total quality control in 40 steps (also termed â€Å"company-wide quality control†), which was later known as Total Quality Management. It is process driven because he bel ieved that quality must be actively managed and have the usability at the highest levels of management, therefore, it is important that each employee does his part correctly so the whole process is correct, and quality might become nobody job.

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Black Humor in America - 2112 Words

Black Humor One of the most underappreciated and unrecognized forms of comedy is black humor. Black humor often deals with events that are not often associated with other forms of comedy, such as war, murder, insanity and death. The main reason that this form of comedy is so underappreciated is that it requires some thinking on the part of the audience and many people are not willing to do that. The types of humor that are popular today do not require much thinking and can be characterized as one-liners. However, black humor has been used as an effective means of satire usually towards a tragic event. One of the biggest misconceptions about black humor is that it involves race. Black humor is not a form of African American humor†¦show more content†¦Even though this is such a great model of black comedy, Joseph Heller said that he was not aware that it would be funny when he wrote it (Catch-22, Computer). In the story, Catch-22 is a military rule that employs circular logic. An e xample of this is the rule that deals with avoiding combat missions: One may only be excused from flying bombing missions on the grounds of insanity; one must assert ones insanity to be excused on this basis; one who requests to be excused is presumably in fear for his life. This is taken to be proof of his sanity, and he is therefore obliged to continue flying missions; one who is truly insane presumably would not make the request. He therefore would continue flying missions, even though as an insane person he could of course be excused from them simply by asking. (Catch-22, Computer) The main themes in Hellers novel are paradox and contradiction. He used his novel as a way to show the absurdity of war and to protest World War II. Another author, Kurt Vonnegut wrote Slaughterhouse Five in 1969 as an analysis of the human condition from an uncommon perspective, using time travel as a plot device and the bombing of Dresden in World War II, which Vonnegut witnessed, as a starting point (Slaughter, wikipedia). The humor in this book comes from Vonneguts downplay of human mortality. He uses the phrase so it goes whenever dying is mentioned. Much ofShow MoreRelatedWilliam Shakespeare s A Raisin Of The Sun1683 Words   |  7 Pagescollection of her plays, Ntozake Shange criticized black dramatists for â€Å"integrat[ing] the notion that a drama must be words...cuz we all remember too well/the chuckles scoffs† (63).The fear of being laughed at has steered black artists away from embracing humor. This fear stems from the distortion of blackness in minstrel sho ws and racist tropes . Tragically, black dramatists have overlooked the usage of humor in African traditions. While in the past humor has been often used for ridicule, it has alsoRead MoreAnalysis Of Humor In Angel Puss1299 Words   |  6 Pagesghosts and begins to antagonize poor Sambo all over again. Humor from the episode Angel Puss is founded in African-American racial stereotypes involving behavior and appearance, which eventually led to the episode’s censorship. The most apparent racist feature is Sambo’s depiction; he is drawn in blackface style. Blackface is a highly offensive theatrical make-up style popular in comedy shows, where non-black performers coat their face in black paint to play African-American roles. Jenee Desmond-HarrisRead MoreThe Importance of Doing and Turning Your Work in on Time1444 Words   |  6 Pagesmost side-spitting, razor-sharp humor on this side of a cable box. The show concepts that constitute the Adult Swim block of programming on CN has drawn its fair share of rave reviews and harsh criticism from anybody willing to offer an opinion. For Afro-American viewers, no show represents that aforementioned razors edge quite like Aaron McGruders comic strip creation, The Boondocks. The first season of the weekly series found every way p ossible to poke humor at many of the events, individualsRead MoreEssay on Explication of Poem for Black Boys835 Words   |  4 PagesNikki Giovannis Poem for Black Boys is a poignant literary work that addresses several issues concerning the young black male in America and the conflicting views taken by members of the African-American community during the Civil Rights Movement with an inclination towards the peaceful movement perpetuated by the likes of Dr. Martin Luther king, Jr. and his non-violent contemporaries. Giovannis use of allusion, imagery and the sardonic humor of the speaker blend effortlessly to denounce allRead MoreRacism Is The Product Of Ignorance And Fear1334 Words   |  6 Pagesthe video nothing is accomplished to remove these stereotypes. Chappelle plays Clayton Bigsby, the â€Å"black white supremacist†, in the sketch Frontline. Bigsby bluntly characterizes African Americans as â€Å"lazy good for nothing†, â€Å"wide nose breathers† and accuses them of eating all the chicken. These stereotypes are prevalent in today’s culture. When one thinks of racism, one may atomically assume black and white but according to the National Coalition for Health Professionals Education in Genetics inRead MoreSlaughterhouse-Five, by Kurt Vonnegut Essay1288 Words   |  6 Pageshis own horrific war experiences. To depict the horrors of war, Vonnegut made use of a straightforward style as well as black humor to show the absurdity of war. By using this straightforward style, Vonnegut pushed his readers to see war for what it is, with no embellishments or romanticism. Black or dark humor was widely used, which refers to an authors deliberate use of humor in describing what would ordinarily be considered a situation too violent, grim, or tragic to laugh at. In so doing, theRead MorePostmodernism: The Movement in Life Essay1263 Words   |  6 PagesAlthough the postmodern movement was not started in America, its many effects have influenced the culture of this nation. Postmodernism took America from a place where it held strong values of right and wrong, to a place where any idea has been given validity and merit. By presenting new world views, postmodernism has affected American literature, for both the writer and the reader, and American culture on a vast scale. Explaining postmodernism is v ery challenging because it does not have a realRead MoreThe Controversy Over Mark Twains The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn610 Words   |  3 PagesThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a controversial book that has raised heated debates across America for the past century. It was ranked fifth most challenging books out of one hundred in the 1990s (Chadwick 2). Although this book is a hot topic, it should remain on shelves, and still be taught in schools. While Huck Finn seems to be only a book of satire, most want this book banned because it is seen as highly racial. â€Å"The reading of Huck Finn is humiliating to back studentsRead MoreRush Hour Two: Through an American Perspective1062 Words   |  4 Pagesconstraints, such as, racial stereotypes, gender connotations, and cultural references, are components that comedies use in order to achieve humor at its maximum effect. The override of these constraints, however, has detrimental effects on entire ethnic and gender populations that go unnoticed at the expense of laughter. The 2001 film comedy, Rush Hour 2, uses humor as a vehicle to propagate active stereotypes that render the Asian female as an objective commodity that through an American lens devaluesRead MoreMedia s Influence On The Media1538 Words   |  7 Pagespublic. From Disney movies on up to horror films there’s a plot that each film is trying to accomplish. The controversial issue comes into play based on ho w the film messages are portrayed. Films that use racial humor harm the particular race that the films are depicting. Films with racial humor that is enhanced to be seen as acceptable creates prejudge mental labels for certain races. The viewers of these films are more likely to view these stereotypes portrayed in the media as facts about whatever

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Thomas Hooker Founder of Connecticut

Thomas Hooker  (July 5, 1586 – July 7, 1647) founded the Connecticut Colony after a disagreement with the church leadership in Massachusetts. He was key in the development of the new colony including inspiring the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut. He argued for a wider number of individuals being given the right to vote. In addition, he believed in freedom of religion for those who believed in the Christian faith. Finally, his descendants included many individuals who played key roles in the development of Connecticut.   Early Life Thomas Hooker was born in Leicestershire England, most probably in either Marefield  or  Birstall,  He attended school at Market Bosworth before entering Queen’s College at Cambridge in 1604. He earned his Bachelor’s degree before moving to Emmanuel College where he earned his Master’s. It was at university that Hooker converted to the Puritan faith.   Immigrated to Massachusetts Bay Colony From college, Hooker became a preacher. He was known for his speaking abilities along with his ability to help his parishioners. He eventually moved to St Mary’s, Chelmsford as a preacher in 1626. However, he soon retired after being suppressed as a leader of Puritan sympathizers. When he was called to court to defend himself, he fled to the Netherlands. Many Puritans were following this path, as they were able to freely practice their religion there. From there, he decided to immigrate to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, arriving aboard the ship called the Griffin on September 3, 1633. This ship would carry Anne Hutchinson to the New World a year later. Hooker settled in Newtown, Massachusetts. This would later be renamed as Cambridge. He was appointed as pastor of â€Å"The Church of Christ at Cambridge,† becoming the first minister of the town. Founding Connecticut Hooker soon found himself at odds with another pastor named John Cotton because, in order to vote in the colony, a man had to be examined for their religious beliefs. This effectively suppressed Puritans from voting if their beliefs were in opposition to the majority religion. Therefore, in 1636, Hooker and Reverend Samuel Stone led a group of settlers to form Hartford in the soon to be formed Connecticut Colony. The Massachusetts General Court had granted them the right to set up three towns: Windsor, Wethersfield, and Hartford. The title of the colony was actually named after the Connecticut River, a name that came from the Algonquian language meaning long, tidal river.    Fundamental Orders of Connecticut In May 1638, a General Court met to write a written constitution. Hooker was politically active at this time and preached a sermon that basically espoused the idea of the Social Contract, stating that authority was only granted with the people’s consent. The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were ratified on January 14, 1639. This would be the first written constitution in America and a foundation for future founding documents including the US Constitution.   The document included greater voting rights for individuals. It also included oaths of office which the governor and magistrates were required to take. Both of these oaths included lines that said they would agree to â€Å"†¦promote the public good and peace of the same, according to the best of my skill; as also will maintain all lawful privileges of this Commonwealth: as also that all wholesome laws that are or shall be made by lawful authority here established, be duly executed; and will further the execution o f Justice according to the rule of Gods word†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (The text has been updated to use modern spelling.) While it the individuals involved in the creation of the Fundamental Orders are unknown and no notes were taken during the proceedings, it is felt that Hooker was a key mover in the creation of this document. In 1662, King Charles II signed a Royal Charter combining the Connecticut and New Haven Colonies which basically agreed to the Orders as the political system to be adopted by the colony. Family Life When Thomas Hooker arrived in America, he was already married to his second wife named Suzanne. No records have been found concerning the name of his first wife. They had a son named Samuel. He was born in America, most probably in Cambridge. It is recorded that he graduated in 1653 from Harvard. He became a minister and well known in Farmington, Connecticut. He had many children including John and James, both of whom served as Speaker of the Connecticut Assembly. Samuel’s granddaughter, Sarah Pierpont would go on to marry Reverend Jonathan Edwards  of Great Awakening fame. One of the Thomas’ descendants through his son would be American financier J. P. Morgan. Thomas and Suzanne also had a daughter named Mary. She would marry Reverend Roger Newton who founded Farmington, Connecticut before moving on to be a preacher in Milford. Death and Significance Hooker died at the age of 61 in 1647 in Connecticut. It is unknown his exact burial place though he is believed to be buried in Hartford. He was quite significant as a figure in America’s past. First, he was a strong proponent of not requiring religious tests to allow for voting rights. In fact, he argued for religious tolerance, at least towards those of the Christian faith. He was also a strong proponent of the ideas behind the social contract and the belief that the people formed the government and it must answer to them. In terms of his religious beliefs, he did not necessarily believe that God’s grace was free. Instead, he felt that individuals had to earn it through avoiding sin. In this way, he argued, individuals prepared themselves for heaven. He was a well-known speaker who wrote a number of books on theological subjects. These included The Covenant of Grace Opened, The Poor Doubting Christian Drawn to Christ in 1629, and A Survey Of The Summe Of Church-Discipline: Wherein The Way Of The Churches Of New England Is Warranted Out Of The Word in 1648. Interestingly, for someone so influential and well-known, no surviving portraits are known to exist.